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Preliminary Information Form


Trade Name: Ameera Danışmanlık Dış Tic. Ltd. Şti.
Address: Harbiye Mahallesi, Tuncer Apt. No 29 Kat 3/10
TR / Şişli – İstanbul
Telephone: 0090 212 258 7799
E-mail: info@ameera.com.tr

In case of return of the Product the name of Courier to be used: Sürat Kargo

Name/ Family Name/ Trade Name:


This “Preliminary Information Form” provides the details to the Buyer of the ordered good. Pursuant to the Distant Sales Regulation for the goods or services to be purchased electronically, the distant sales agreement should be approved by the Buyer.

The Buyer may obtain information in relation to the “Preliminary Information Form” and Distant Sales Agreement and may change the information provided for the order under in the “My Account” page on www.ameera.com.tr. However, once the Buyer’s order is complete and has reached the delivery stage, the Buyer may not change the delivery address.

The “Preliminary Information Form” and the Distant Sales Agreement shall be recorded for a certain period by the Intermediary Service provider as stipulated in the relevant legislation and the Buyer whenever wishes shall be able to reach the content on his “My Account” page.

The non-disclosure rules set forth in the Membership Agreement to which the Buyer is a party to are implemented by Ameera Danışmanlık Dış Tic. Ltd. Şti.


Date :
Goods’ Name Quantity Total Amount of the Goods
Shipment Price :
Total Amount :

The type and nature, amount, mark/model, colour and the sale price of the products are the same as indicated above.

The announced prices and promises are valid until updated and changed. The periodic announced prices are valid until the end of the announced period.


Type of Payment : Credit Card
Delivery Address :
Persons to Receive :
Total Amount with the Credit Card:
Delivery Conditions:
The delivery of …………………………………… shall commence within two working days after order of is given by the Buyer.


The Buyer without any civil or criminal responsibility and without indicating any justification may withdraw from the purchase of the goods or service within 14 days after the day of receipt. The Buyer may also exercise this right of withdrawal during the delivery period.

The Buyer may withdraw by clicking the “Return Back” link located under My Account >Present Order>Orders at www.ameera.com.tr. The Buyer must return the goods by completing the Return Request Form located at the relevant page and obtaining the Seller’s return address within 14 (fourteen) days starting from the date of withdrawal has been exercised. The return must include the invoice, package box, wrappings, standard accessories and the gifts given with the goods. The goods must be returned in full, undamaged and without any defect. During the withdrawal period the Buyer should use the goods in conformity with its technical specialities and operation manual.

The shipment cost for the return shall be paid by the Seller as long as the Buyer returns the goods via the contracted courier set forth in the “Preliminary Information Form”. However, if the return is shipped with a courier other than the contracted courier, the Seller shall not be liable for the shipment cost of the return or for damages incurred during shipment.

The Buyer must reimburse all costs related to all purchased goods in lumpsum, (via the same payment used during purchase and with the contracted courier of the Seller) and without any deduction or imposing further expenses to the Consumer within 14 (fourteen) days from the date the Buyer has exercised his/her withdrawal right.

In case there are justified reasons for rejecting the return of the goods, the Seller – if the performance period is not completed – may provide the Buyer similar goods/service with the equal price and quality. However, if the Seller considers the impossibility of providing the similar goods/service, he shall inform the Buyer within 3 (three) days after getting aware of such impossibility. In this case the Seller shall pay back to the Buyer the value of the goods/service within 14 (fourteen) days. The return shipment costs belong to the Seller, if the return is done by the Seller’s contracted courier entity stipulated in “Preliminary Information Form”. If the return is shipped with a courier other than the contracted courier, the Seller shall not be liable for the shipment cost of the return or for damages incurred during shipment.


Those Agreements concerning the products or the services of which their values change in connection with the financial market turbulences and are beyond the Seller’s (such as jewellery and the products under gold and silver category);

Those Agreements enacted with the Buyer containing special requests or personal requirements if they are incapable to return due to its nature, good that are quickly perishable or goods that have expiry dates which may recently expire;

Those Agreements that the protecting elements of package, such as band, seal are opened and if the return of the good is not suitable for the health or hygiene.

Those Agreements that after the delivery of the product if such product is mixed with another products and cannot be separated.

Those agreements enacted on tangible items like books, sound and video recordings, software programmes and consumable computer equipments, and if their protective elements such as package, band, seal are opened.

Unless the subscribed items are stated in the Agreement, the delivery of those Agreements regarding periodically published Newspaper, Magazine;

Those Agreements, enacted to accommodate for a certain time and period, transportation of furniture, rent a car, providing food and beverage and entertain the free time for fun and rest;

Those Service Agreements even before the withdrawal period if the service providing has started with the approval of the Consumer; and

Those Agreements enacted to provide Instant services on incorporated property under electronic environment (such as gift cards and gift checks, coupons executed like money and similar).

The right of withdrawal may not be used on goods and services which do not exist in the Distant Agreement Regulation (such the food staff, beverages or daily consumed staff regularly delivered to the resident of the Buyer as well as travelling, accommodation, running restaurants, entertainment sector).

The conditions of cancellation of goods and services offered for sale under the Holiday Category are subject to the rules of operation of the Sellers.


The Seller is Personally responsible concerning the sale of the goods or services in accordance the Law and the regulation on Distant Agreements. However, Buyers may inform their complaints regarding their purchased goods or services directly to the Seller or to Ameera Danışmanlık Dış Tic. Ltd. Şti.

Disputes arising from this Agreement that are up to the value announced each year by the Ministry of Customs and Trade shall be resolved by the City or Town Arbitration Committee for Consumer Problems located at the place where the product is bought by the Buyer or the Buyer’s residence address. If the value is above the announced value of the Ministry, then the Consumer Courts are authorized.